Digital Marketing Means More Creative Services

One step at a time.

Agency Services

Clients today need a range of creative and digital marketing services to have effective demand generation programs. Agencies that focus on branding, design, or content marketing risk getting a smaller piece of the marketing budget at best or being replaced by full-service creative + digital agencies.

Implementing digital marketing programs drive the need for a lot of creative services. Marketing automation doesn’t replace creatives. It drives the need for more content – more design and more writing.

Moderno Strategies brings technical expertise that can improve any marketing program. We understand that budgets are always limited, it’s critical to prioritize activities, and you have payroll you need to meet.

We can work in the background and evaluate existing marketing programs, provide technical guidance, or implement digital marketing projects. Or you can bring us in as a digital marketing partner and work directly with you and your client. It’s up to you.

Enhance Your Agency Digital Capabilities

Digital Marketing

We can help plan and implement a range of sales and marketing technologies, including website development, CRM implementation, marketing automation, measuring effectiveness with analytics, and technical SEO evaluation.

Direct Mail for Digital Marketers

I bridge the gap between digital marketers and direct mail service providers. You can integrate personalized direct mail into CRM and marketing automation platforms, or purchase lists to kick off lead generation programs or nurture Account-Based Marketing programs.

Any of these look familiar?

Are you being left out of strategy discussions?
Do you need to implement a lead generation program?
Did your digital marketing expert just quit?
Is your share of the marketing budget shrinking?
Is a digital marketing agency getting its foot in the door?
Can’t measure marketing performance?
Is technical SEO set up correctly?
Want to test direct mail?

The first step is to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Technical SEO

There is more to SEO than creating good content based on keyword research and customer journeys. Technical SEO ensures that the websites and individual pages are implemented correctly so Google and Bing can successfully crawl, index, and show the content in search results. Technical SEO includes:

  • Analyzing page speed
  • Determine user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Page structure and meta data
  • XML site maps
  • Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools configuration
  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

The good news about Technical SEO is that it is quick to analyze, and once implemented correctly, requires little effort to maintain.

Moderno Strategies can conduct a Technical SEO evaluation at no charge and provide a prioritized improvement roadmap.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation always drives the need for more creative services.

Marketing Automation goes beyond discrete campaigns to create ongoing customer nurturing programs to acquire and retain customers by delivering the right message at the right time. We have experience with many of the hundreds of marketing automation platforms in use today and understand the different strengths, weaknesses, and price points.

Marketing automation services include:

  • Review goals and develop marketing automation strategy
  • Review logic, data flow, and content current programs
  • Troubleshoot integration problems with websites and CRM systems
  • Make platform recommendations based on you and your clients’ needs
  • Do initial implmentation and train you or your clients for ongoing maintenance
  • Be your ongoing marketing automation implementation resource

Let’s talk if you’re considering getting started in marketing automation. We’re happy to share some pointers to get you started in the right direction and can help with detailed planning and implementation.

Integrated Cross-Media Campaigns

Whether planned or not, all marketing channels work together. Today’s marketing technologies allow you to integrate your message across different media, and measure and improve each step of the way. We can help plan and implement campaigns across channels like:

  • Websites and landing pages
  • Email drip, newsletter, and marketing automation campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • SMS messaging
  • CRM tasks and opportunities

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising programs need to be integrated into other marketing efforts. It is critical to track cost per lead and optimize for conversions, not ad clicks. We can evaluate existing digital advertising programs or implement new programs on platforms including

  • LinkedIn
  • Google and Bing search
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Google Display Network

Personalized Direct Mail

Overflowing email inboxes, competing with Google and social media platforms for attention, and increasing digital advertising expenses, offline marketing channels are once again being recognized for their effectiveness. Direct mail is well suited to get your messages into the hands of your clients’ prospects.

We can help implement:

  • Personalized direct mail lead generation campaigns
  • Direct mail triggered by sales reps in CRM or prospect behavior in marketing automation systems
  • A range of mail types including oversized postcards, letters, packages, and influencer seeding kits

We can help create a campaign strategy and work with your existing printer or mail house, recommend print service providers, or manage your entire direct mail program.

CRM System Implementation

Digital technologies have eroded the lines between sales and marketing. Digital marketing needs to fully integrate with CRM systems to enhance sales effectiveness, improve lead generation performance, and give both sales and marketing teams the information and control they need.

Services we provide:

  • Troubleshoot and fix CRM data
  • Make sales and lead generation recommendations that leverage CRM data and capabilities
  • Help select and implement a CRM system
  • Integrate website forms and email marketing platforms with CRM

Your B2B marketing services are likely underperforming at your clients that have not yet implemented CRM, putting the account at risk. I can help explain the benefits of CRM, help your clients define requirements, and guide the implementation of CRM systems.

Google Analytics

Marketing analytics are an integral part of any demand generation program. Google Analytics, in particular, can provide a wealth of information that can be used to show the effectiveness of content marketing and lead generation programs. Even more valuable is that effective use of Google Analytics reports can show you how to continually improve marketing performance.

Are you ready to create the need for more creative services?

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