Direct Mail for Digital Marketers

Digital printing technologies have made direct mail an effective channel to add to lead generation and customer retention campaigns.

Segmented and Personalized

Digital printing technology allows everything to be customized.

When a common message is relevant for a particular audience, digital printing allows your message to be customized for each of your market segments for little additional cost.

Light personalization, such as addressing your audience by name, is very easy and inexpensive. But every word or paragraph, and every impage, can be personalized for each recipient. You can get as detailed as your data and creative resources allow.

Whether it’s an oversized postcard, or a custom letter with matching personalized inserts, every sentence, paragraph, and image can be tailored using data you have about the recipient.

Integrated and Automated

Integrating direct mail with digital marketing channels and sales processes makes every communication touch more effective. Direct mail can be automatically triggered in CRM or marketing automation systems based on any number of activities, including:

  • website form fills
  • website visits
  • email opens or clicks
  • change in CRM status

Just like a triggered email, the direct mail can be personalized based on prospect data and where they are in their customer journey or your sales pipeline.


When looking at unit cost, direct mail is exponentially more costly than sending an email. But compared to historic offset printing costs, printing and mailing a low volume or one-off direct mail piece is less expensive than ever. And when you take into account direct mail effectiveness, measured by shortened sales cycles and higher close rates, direct mail could prove to be

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