Direct Mail Can Help Overcome…

Use direct mail to overcome these demand generation problems:

  1. Digital Channel Noise
  2. Crowded Email Inbox & Email Fatigue
  3. Unsubscribes and Ad Blockers
  4. Small, Ineffective Marketing List
  5. Prospects don’t want to talk to sales
Customer Journey Map

Enhance The Customer Journey

Before adding direct mail to your marketing mix, figure out where it will be most effective in your customers’ journeys.

  1. How do you find customers, or how do they find you?
  2. What do your ideal customers look like?
  3. How long does a typical buying process take?
  4. What steps do customers go through before buying?
  5. What are your biggest problems?

How I Help

  • Determine how direct mail works with your existing marketing efforts. Marketing channels are better together. Direct mail, just like any other marketing channel, needs to work with other touchpoints to guide the customer.
  • Help set up a measurement process. Unlike many digital marketing touchpoints, direct mail has a unit cost. It is important to measure the performance of direct marketing. You can read 6 Ways to Measure Direct Mail Response to learn more, or we can help put measurement in place.
  • Create a plan to improve your website. Your goals and your sales processes are inputs that determine whether you need minor improvements or major overhauls.
  • Increase performance by personalizing direct mail for each person. Modern digital printing techniques allow you to create a unique message, including images, copy, and call to actions, for each person in your direct mail list. We can help analyze data in your CRM or marketing automation systems or purchased list to define the best messaging for each mail piece.
  • Develop direct mail programs. Don’t expect a one-off mailer to someone that has never heard of you to generate a response, let alone immediate revenue. Like all other marketing efforts, it normally takes multiple touches over a period of time to generate the desired response. We can leverage your CRM or marketing automation platform to effortlessly send personalized behavior-based direct mail for less than $1.
  • Procure a direct mail list. Purchasing a highly targeted direct mail list can help you grow your audience and increase awareness in prospects that look like your best customers or match your ideal customer profiles.

Let’s discuss how direct mail might help

Schedule a free 30-minute call and let’s brainstorm ways direct mail can overcome customer journey friction points and improve your sales pipeline.

Types of Mailers

Selecting the type of direct mail to send depends on many things, including budget, automation, customer value, and where each recipient is in their customer life cycle. We can help identify the best type of mail to send for your particular goals.

Types of direct that are typically sent include:

  • Postcards are the lowest-cost alternative and your message is immediately visible.
  • Self-mailers can be as simple as a folded postcard or more complex with multiple folds. The combine advantages of a postcard along with increased space to tell your story and create additional interaction.
  • Letters are a traditional touch that can be a simple one-page letter or a multi-page letter combined with personalized inserts.
  • Marketing Collateral only works if you get it into the hands of your prospects. Mail your product brochures, pocket folders, or any other sales and marketing materials you have.
  • Catalogs, Booklets, and Magazines drive trust, establish thought leadership, and drive revenue. These can be anything from traditional product catalogs, case studies, or a magazine content marketing program.
  • Influencer & Customer Appreciation Kits are a great way to drive awareness and loyalty at both ends of the marketing funnel.
Old Mail Delivery Truck 2

What’s old is new again. Take advantage of direct mail now while mail boxes are still empty.

Do you have any questions about improving your customer journey touchpoints?

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