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Every B2B customer journey passes through your website.

Website Advisory

Whether your website is a create-it-and-forget-about-it online company brochure or a lead generation machine, your website is a critical component in your customers’ journeys. But determining how much to invest in your website, if it is fine as it is, needs a few tweaks, or if it needs a complete redesign, is difficult. It’s not a decision you can make looking at your website.

Whether your website is performing admirably or is a weak link in the customer journey depends on:

  • Your go-to-market strategy, and if it is changing.
  • Where leads come from and how customers find you.
  • Your business goals.
  • What your website analytics are telling you.

Once these are defined, you can determine what to do about your website. And if these aren’t defined, we can help you figure them out.

Marketing Paths Lead To The Website 1

Every Path Leads to Your Website

Whether your website is an online brochure that provides basic information, or a lead generation machine, it plays a critical role in every B2B customer journey.

When Should You Consider Improving Your Website?

  • Before spending money on digital ads that drive people to your website
  • When rebranding your company
  • When your business becomes more complex because you’re introducing new products or entering new markets
  • When you aren’t meeting your revenue goals
  • Whenever you feel your website is not performing the way you’d like
  • When sales reps aren’t referring people to content on the website

How I Help

  • Review your website. Before embarking on any website project you need to understand what is working and where visitors encounter roadblocks. A thorough website review includes reviewing Google Analytics to determine how visitors find your website and what they do once they get there, and a Technical SEO Review to objectively examine customer experience.
  • Define your customers’ journeys. Map out how all your marketing efforts work together, from the time a prospect first learns of you, until they become a customer, and beyond.
  • Create a plan to improve your website. Your goals and your sales processes are inputs that determine whether you need minor improvements or major overhauls.
  • Website development coach. It’s not often you take on a big website project. The project might seem daunting. I can help guide you through the process, ensuring the project is well-defined so it will meet your needs without breaking the bank. Whether you have inhouse resources, currently work with an agency, or need help finding a web development partner, I can hep guide you through the process.
  • Develop your website. If you’re a nonprofit, solopreneurs, or a SMB, it might make sense for me to just create the website for you. But I will never lead with this and would rather work with resources you have in place.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Schedule a call to determine how your website should be improved to help you meet your business goals.

Website Continuous Improvement

After being involved in a number of website overhauls as well as minor improvement projects, I’ve come to believe that a continuous improvement process is often much better than a major website development process.

Continuous ImprovementWebsite Overhaul
  • Low starting cost
  • Improvements can be quickly made
  • The biggest problems are resolved first
  • A/B test page content
  • Lower risk
  • No constraints from existing technologies
  • May better support a change in demand generation strategy
  • Underlying problems continue to exist
  • Higher risk
  • Long implementation timelines
  • Feature creep
  • Decision by committee

Why work with me?

I understand the role the website plays in supporting the customer journey, as well as the technologies that go into creating it.

  • I know business. I understand that in the short term, every dollar you spend is a dollar less in profits.
  • I have several years experience working at a enterprise software company working with talented developers to design products that meet customers needs. I can speak—and translate—tech.

Do you have any questions about improving your customer journey touchpoints?

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