Moderno Strategies helps manufacturers and other B2B companies that aren’t satisfied with their revenue growth determine what is holding them back and fixing it.

Let’s define the process new customers go through from when they first hear about your company until they become a good repeat customer.

The Customer Journey

Customer Journey Map

Every customer takes a unique path. Let’s figure out the most effective paths and make them better.

My Tools

I leverage many marketing technologies to find the underlying causes that are keeping you from meeting your goals. We than create a plan that respects your budget and get to work fixing them.

We’ll bring in other resources as needed for graphic design, writing, and when the scope requires more marketing technology resources than I can bring. But many things I can quickly resolve myself:

Your Website

There’s many things that go into a website. How complex it needs to be depends on how people learn about your company and become customers. I help determine goals, analyze website effectiveness, and turn websites into lead generation tools. Often a website can be gradually improved over time without a big hit on your budget. If your website does need an overhaul I can help you define requirements and manage the process.

Outbound Marketing

I can put together a plan that is as simple as possible and help you implement it. It might be that you just need to stay top-of-mind with customers and prospects using a monthly email newsletter. Or you need to be more sophisticated and have your messaging be more relevant based on who a person is and what actions they take.

I’ll keep things as simple as possible to be effective. I help clients leverage email marketing tools like MailChimp, and marketing automation tools like Drip and Act-On, to make their marketing more effective.

Don’t just do stuff.

SMB Services

We help companies align lead generation and sales processes to be more efficient creating new customers.

Are you having trouble figuring out what you need to do to grow revenues?

Should you:

Improve your website? Blog? How is email marketing working out for you, or have your started yet? What about social media? Are your sales reps effective? Are you having trouble hiring reps that can find prospects and close new sales?

Learn how we add logic to increase your revenue

Agency Services

You need to prove value to clients. Your clients need to be relevant to their customers. Being relevant means developing customized, personalized messages that are delivered at the right time. 

Let me be your left brain.

There’s two things I can help you with:

Marketing Analytics.  The data can tell us what is and isn’t working to set priorities. Reporting the data will help your client see why they need to implement your proposal. Continual analysis and reporting lets you improve marketing and justify your efforts.

Marketing Technology. I can troubleshoot and implement technical on-page and search engine SEO, keyword research, email marketing, and marketing automation programs.

Let’s leverage your creative expertise  to create ongoing value for our clients. Learn more how we can help your agency

We are a network of business growth consultants and marketing technology implementers working out of Portland, Oregon.

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