Customer Journey Map

Navigate the Customer Journey

One step at a time.

Create Touchpoints That Guide Prospects to Success

I help B2B manufacturing and service companies with revenue under $50 million grow by improving customer journey touch points in integrated demand generation processes.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO boosts your website’s performance, search visibility, and customer experience.

Direct Mail

Integrate personalized direct mail into customer retention, nurturing, and Account-Based Marketing programs.

Website Advisory

Whether a brochure or a lead gen machine, your website is a critical component in your customers’ journeys.

Customer Journey

Ensure all your marketing activities help guide customers from initial awareness to the first sale and beyond.

Find the biggest roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving the results you want. Then the most important thing to do is to work on the highest priority.

Work With Moderno Strategies

Moderno Strategies consists of Tod Cordill and a network of professionals that know how to create and implement content strategies, high-performance websites, digital advertising, marketing automation, email marketing, and direct mail.

Unlike agencies with payroll obligations that require fixed monthly retainers, we adjust our work to fit your goals, budget, and any existing internal and external resources you have available. We don’t make recommendations that increase our billable hours or bait and switch and turn your work over to inexperienced employees.

Our goal is to find opportunities to make your demand generation and sales activities more successful. We define processes and deliverables that your team can implement, or we can help find resources that extend your team to get things done.

Do you have any questions about improving your customer journey touchpoints?

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