We are a virtual team that helps B2B companies with under $30 million in revenue grow using digital technologies and repeatable sales and marketing processes.

What We Do

Find The Most Important Thing To Improve

We start by finding what is and isn’t working in your Awareness > Consideration > Decision > Retention customer journeys.

We start by hearing your stories of where your most recent good customers came from.

Keeping this in mind, we analyze all your available data, starting with Google Analytics, to analyze website traffic. Then we view other data you may have available, email marketing effectiveness, CRM data, and social media analytics. We also do a quick SEO analysis of your website.

I’m a data geek with a wide range of business experience that loves problem solving?

  • Is the problem not enough leads?
  • Bad quality leads?
  • Poor user experience?
  • Long sales cycles?
  • Low close rates?
  • Too much customer churn?
  • All of the above?

We work with you define the biggest problems and develop a plan focused on fixing them.

Implement Digital Marketing Programs

We then make a list of improvements, prioritized by the magnitude of the problem and the speed with which it can be improved. We define and implement repeatable revenue generation programs that can be continually improved, not one-off marketing campaigns.

Integrate Digital Direct Mail

This is a personal passion. I help both B2B and B2C digital marketers integrate personalized direct mail into your existing marketing programs to make them more effective.

Moderno Strategies is a one-person company run by me, Tod Cordill, that creates virtual teams as needed to help select companies achieve their goals. Learn more on our About page.

How We Do It

Most of our work is ongoing continuous improvement projects that help clients evolve over time. I do occasionally do small projects to review your customers’ journeys and create a list of priorities as a standalone project,

We work with you to develop a maximum monthly budget that is split between our time and other needs such as design, writing, printing, and ad budgets.

Unlike agencies that have payroll that requires fixed monthly retainers, we adjust as needed to meet your budget and goals.

We are also happy to work with any existing freelancers or companies you have good working relationships with.

What I Believe


Consistently making small changes to your demand generation programs leads to faster and better results than large projects that blow the budget.

Invest, Don’t Expense.

The majority of your marketing budget should go to creating content and programs that will provide returns for years. Short-term campaigns focused on immediate revenue may be important, but it should not consume the majority of your budget.

Create Process.

Implement repeatable processes to create predictable revenue. Set your goals, create s plan, and define processes that help. If you don’t have a plan you’re just doing stuff.

Don’t just do stuff.

Once you have defined a process and implement it, you can:

  1. Execute
  2. Measure the results
  3. Try new things
  4. Measure the results
  5. Continually improve

In other words, evolve.

The Line Between Sales and Marketing Is Blurred.

sales and marketing funnel then and now
Digital technologies enable customers to learn most of what they need to know before ever talking to sales.

Digital transformations enabled by the internet and other technologies have changed the world.

Customers used to go to trade shows to learn of industry changes, and learn new ways to do things. Or they’d call vendors and ask questions.

Not any more. Customers now search the internet to learn how to improve their business. They define their own problems and learn how they need to change. They define the solutions they need, find and compare competitive offerings, and read what customers are saying about you before they ever want or need to talk to sales.

Is your sales team selling the same way they did ten years ago?

We Learn From Failures

You can’t learn to improve when everything seems to be going well.

Always be testing.

Constantly try new things and measure what happens. This needs to be deliberate, don’t just do stuff. Whether it’s a simple A/B test on an email subject line, or a new social media channel or marketing automation program, engage in low business risk activities that they need things.

Fail fast, fail small, and learn.

Life Is A Journey

A friend’s father once asked: “If you know everything that is going to happen in life, is there a reason to live it?”

It’s a good rhetorical question to ask yourself.

I believe life is a journey with an unknown destination.

Try new things, get outside your comfort zone, and explore.

Want to talk?

Thank you for sticking with me long enough to get this far down the page. That’s time I can’t give back. If you don’t think I can help you wiht your needs someone in my network probably can. Feel free to reach out and let me know what you need and I’ll make a recommendation if I can.

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