Moderno Strategies helps manufacturers and other B2B companies create and implement integrated, data-driven demand generation processes to get more customers and grow their businesses.

There are so many things you can do. Redesign your website. SEO. Blog. Email marketing. Social media. Marketing automation. Google Ads. Rebrand. Hire sales development reps. How about inbound marketing and outbound marketing?

Experts in each of these areas will tell you that you need to do each thing. They make good points. They do each need to be considered. But your marketing budget only goes so far.

Moderno Strategies helps you make sense of all this and helps you put together a roadmap that takes into account today’s budget and tomorrow’s needs.

Without a plan you’re just doing stuff. Don’t just do stuff.

Strategic Services

Create Your Business Growth Strategy

All your marketing activities need to play a role in helping customers become aware of your company, understand how you can help them, and facilitate the sales process. Every piece of content, whether a web page, a direct mailer, an email message, or a phone call needs to be defined:

Who they are. What industry? What job title?

Where they are in the buying process. Have they heard of you? Are they starting to consider your as a solution to a problem? Are they evaluating your offerings? Are they comparing you to competitors? Are they negotiating the purchase? Are they a customer with up-sell or cross-sell opportunities?

The Customer Journey

Every customer takes a unique path, from the way they learn about your company until the time they become a customer. Let’s figure out the most effective paths customers’ take and make them better.

Customer Journey Map

Implementation Services

Email and Marketing Automation

Deliver the right message at the right time.

We review he effectiveness of what you’re currently doing and recommend improvements. We believe that the simplest solution that meets your goals is the best. It’s also the easiest on your budget.

We support clients on systems like MailChimp, Drip and Act-On. We also help set up CRM integrations, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Nimble and Zoho CRM.

Direct Mail Integration

A timely direct mail is worth 1,000 emails.

Direct mail allows you to get your message literally into the hands of your prospects and customers.

Personalized direct mail, enabled by digital variable data printing technologies, allow direct mail to be integrated into your marketing automation lead nurturing programs. Or it can be the first touch of a lead generation program.

We provide strategies to allow direct mail marketing performance to be measured and integrated into your existing programs.

Marketing Analytics

Let the data show you how to get more customers.

If you have Google Analytics on your website you have a huge amount of marketing information that you can use to improve your demand generation processes.

If you don’t, let’s get it implemented. Today. For most websites this can be done in an hour or less.

We analyze data from sources like Google Analytics, email or marketing automation analytics, and CRM data efforts.

My Philosophy

The simplest solution that supports your goals is ALWAYS the best.

Continuous improvement is less risky, more effective, and easier on your budget than big, expensive, projects.

Data tells you what’s working, what isn’t working, and enables better business decisions.

Your Website

There are many things that go into a website. The complexity should depend on how people learn about your company and become customers. I help determine goals, analyze website effectiveness, and turn websites into lead generation tools. Often a website can be gradually improved over time without a big hit on your budget. If your website does need an overhaul I can help you define requirements and manage the process.

Outbound Marketing

Your growth goals likely can’t rely on new customers finding you.

Leverage outbound lead generation processes that make it easy for potential customers to find you. Let’s determine which of these processes might be a good fit for your business.

  • Digital Advertising on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook.
  • Leverage social media
  • Use direct mail to reach new prospects
  • Stay top-of-mind with both prospects and customers. Personalize your messaging based on your contact’s role, industry, and where they are in the buying process using email newsletters, direct mail, and triggered marketing automation messages.

Keep things as simple as possible to be effective, and be sure that all your sales and marketing activities support your business goals.

Don’t just do stuff.

SMB Services

We help companies align lead generation and sales processes to be more efficient in creating new customers.

Are you having trouble figuring out what you need to do to grow revenues?

Should you: Improve your website? Blog? How is email marketing working out for you, or have you started yet? What about social media? Are your sales reps effective? Are you having trouble hiring reps that can find prospects and close new sales?

Learn how we add logic to increase your revenue

Agency Services

You need to prove value to clients. Your clients need to be relevant to their customers. Being relevant means developing customized, personalized messages that are delivered at the right time. 

Let me be your left brain.

We can help with marketing automation, personalized direct mail automation, and integrating augmented reality into your marketing programs.

Let’s leverage your creative expertise to create ongoing value for our clients. Learn more about how we can help your agency.

We are a network of business growth consultants and marketing technology implementers working out of Portland, Oregon.

Ready to talk? Contact us!

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