Hi, I’m Tod Cordill, the proprietor of Moderno Strategies. I have a wide range of experiences and some unique abilities that allow me to quickly determine business bottlenecks that impede profits and revenue growth.

My philosophy is that you need an overall, integrated, sales and marketing strategy that provides a consistent customer experience for your prospects, and an effective process for you that minimizes waste. 

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What makes me unique

You won’t find anyone else quite like me. My combination of business experience, education, high-level strategy development, and roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-it-done implementation gives me the ability to see things in ways that few can. 

Business Leadership and MBA

I understand finance, marketing, sales, and operations management. My experience includes:

  • Managing cross-functional teams with over 20 employees
  • Sales and customer support, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts and managing day-to-day customer relationships. 
  • P&L responsibilities in eCommerce and manufacturing companies
  • Engineering and manufacturing manager
  • Financial analysis to build business cases for new product lines.

Here’s a few of the jobs I’ve held:

  • Product manager
  • General manager
  • Research engineer
  • Design engineer
  • S/W Product designer

Engineering & Product Development

I spent three years at a major software company writing functional and user interface specifications that defined customer experiences. I can map complex customer journeys as well as optimize conversion rates each step of the way. 

My engineering education and work experience taught me how to break seemingly big problems or projects into little steps that can be prioritized and implemented.

Sales & Marketing Software Implementation

Since I’ve developed complex software products, selecting and implementing software services comes pretty easy.  

Entrepreneurship and Risk Taking

I’ve always taken calculated risks. I started my first company as I was finishing high school, when there wasn’t much to lose. Later in my career I took on undefined projects that entailed some career risk, but with proper management had no material risk to the company. I’ve even sailed from Oregon to New Zealand in a sailboat with my family. Calculated risks.

What this means to you

My diverse abilities allows me to look at a high level view of your customers’ journeys from initial awareness to revenue, as well as analyze each step of the way. 

I can look at your business processes and determine, from both what you tell me as well as what the available data indicates, what is working and what isn’t. 

Specifically, I can help with:

  • Setting up and analyzing Google Analytics data.
  • Review and implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 
  • Review and implement email marketing and marketing automation programs.
  • Review your existing content and sales collateral and define where it fits in the customer journey, and find content gaps that are preventing leads from becoming customers.  
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