Revenue Engineering

It takes a process.

You can’t improve what you’re doing unless you know what you’re doing. To improve you need to:

  1. Define and document what is really being done.

    Now you have a defined process.
  2. Measure what is being done.
  3. Figure out how to improve the process.
  4. Document the improved process.
  5. Implement the improved process.
  6. After whatever time frame makes sense, go back to step #2.

That’s the way to improve over the long term.

Make what you do make a difference.

Together we can develop an integrated revenue generation process that turns marketing demand generation and sales into a single integrated process. Blend the science of engineering with lean continuous improvement principles to create a cohesive prospect-to-customer journeys

A Lean Approach to Improving Profits

Moderno Strategies takes a lean approach to achieving your business goals. The process is to analyze existing data to find the largest gaps in the process a prospect goes through when first learning of your business to becoming a customer.

Once these gaps are addressed then new priorities emerge that can be addressed when dictated by your budget and goals. This data driven approach allows you to quickly develop knowledge of what works and doesn’t work for you business while making incremental, immediate improvements.

The Customer Journey

One of the first things we do is to work with you to map the journey prospects take from the time they’re first aware of a business problem or your business until they become a customer.

Customer Journey

Every customer takes a unique path. The purpose of customer journey mapping is not to try to force prospects down a particular path, as this is impossible. The purpose is to create a framework to identify and prioritize improvements in your sales and marketing processes.


Resources are always limited. Small business owners and executives are faced with too many choices on where to invest limited marketing resources. We look at your entire revenue process, from awareness to sales to customer success, to find the biggest barriers to revenue growth.

Spiral Analysis

The weakest link your prospects encounter along their journey have a negative, sometimes dramatic, impact on revenue.

We look at what data you have available and work with you to collect data that doesn’t exist. How many people are visiting your website? Are they potential customers? What does your sales pipeline look like? Do your customers know all your services?

We’ll work with you to make assumptions that can be tried and tested so you can start improving your revenue now.

We analyze your content, your lead generation, and your sales processes. We help you make decisions using tools such as Google Analytics, your email marketing or marketing automation reports, and pipeline information in your CRM system.

Don’t Just Do Stuff

Spiral Marketing Continuous Improvement

Lean continuous improvement processes emphasizes making small quick changes as quickly as possible so you can learn what works and improve what doesn’t.

Spiral Marketing

It’s really important to think of PR, marketing and sales as a continuum. The internet has made the lines really blurry or even non-existent.

Once we’ve evaluated your Awareness > Consideration > Decision > Loyalty process you will know your weak links that need to be fixed first. We work with you to determine what can be done with existing resources you have, whether it’s employees, freelancers, or agencies. A plan created for improvements that require additional resources, whether it’s financial or personnel, that can be implemented when and if your budget allows.

What is Revenue Engineering?


The amount of money a company actually during a specific period. It is the top line or gross income figure from which costs are subtracted to determine profit.


The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and skillfully or artfully arrange for a desired event or situation to occur.

Revenue Engineering

A systematic approach to the design and implementation of a repeatable revenue generation process that can be measured, monitored, and improved.

Why Revenue Engineering?

Engineering consists of a methodical process to create the desired outcome. The engineering process consists of:

  1. Create a clear statement of the desired outcome that meets stated goals
  2. Analyze the current situation and identify constraints and assumptions
  3. Develop one or more solutions that can create the desired results
  4. Run experiments to validate assumptions and the overall solution.
  5. Implement, Monitor, and Improve

Good engineering achieves the desired results in the simplest and most cost effective way possible. It breaks a big problem or project down into smaller components that can be individually resolved while keeping the big picture in mind.

The Moderno Process

We are a small dedicated team with general management, sales, lead generation, and digital marketing experience. Working together with you we can quickly develop a strategy and create the team needed to get it done.


Identify Goals

Create quantifiable goals that include revenue and profit goals and your budget.

Assess the Situation

Analyze your sales processes and pipeline, recent customer wins, and your marketing resources and activities.

Develop the Plan

The plan consists of short term activities that quickly create results and a longer term direction that requires certain milestones to be achieved.


Leverage existing internal and external resources to make small, incremental improvements that address the biggest obstacles to reaching your business goals.


Look at the numbers to see how we are doing. Measurement allows you to make informed decisions instead of relying on gut feel.


Make continuous improvement adjustments to current activities, reevaluate long term plans, and identify new short term activities.

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